May 7, 2013

the work

Video in social borrows from DRTV but layers on its own needs
DRTV is alive and well for the right products
We create, produce, distribute and analyze digital video 

We create marketing content using video. Content that tells a story, that sells a story. Through online video and traditional commercials, live events and online response pages. And we do it at scale and at a ridiculously low cost.

Marketers need ‘infinite production.’ Nice phrase that’s an astute descriptor to what you are facing: the urgent need to feed the marketing channel machine while dealing with the realities of time and money. Marketers need content … LOTS of content. Fresh, relevant, timely content.

Social is like a teenager:  standing there, frig door open, wondering what to eat next.  Not IF one should eat. Just eat. There will be eating. The shift from push to pull marketing demands a torrent of product and mission-related content.

Flood your marketing channels

A series of engaging videos with a spokesperson or 2 on-camera people
An education course to share your expertise with your clients
Dozens of versions for localization
Create a series of video presentations that position you as an industry thought leader
Partner with another company to gift your audience with more complete messaging
Classic broadcast TV spots
Live stream a company event, made to look like a TV show

1000s of videos delivered successfully

Having delivered thousands of videos, commercials and corporate events combined with accomplished technical resources, we can deliver a steady, on-message stream of marketing content at scale and at low cost.

Low cost is the key. Marketers can’t spend 100K on a spot and “repurpose” it for online use. For that same 100K they need to create 100 pieces of content. High quality, brand proud, compelling content.

44 Videos in 1 day, $300 Each

We have an in-house production shooting stage and a video control setting that has shot and edited 44 2-minute videos in one day. 44 videos, one day.  For that production, each video cost about $300/each. That’s like a day wage for a PA.  Or what craft services will throw away.  Don’t throw away organic carrots … turn it into marketing content.