Lead generation and direct brand sales using broadcast TV and Online video

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use video with our powerful intent based sales program to generate leads and sales

Combine Intent Based Sales (more here: unionresolute.com) with TV for powerful lead generation
All strategic and creative decisions are rooted in getting a response

After creating and structuring thousands of tests we've seen the numbers and know what works. And, very importantly, what doesn't.

  • How best to use Facebook? Is DRTV a possibility? Experience at Time Warner and Saatchi has informed a disclipined approach to a marketing challenge.

  • What length works best? How to create a killer CTA? Having produced over 900 commercials and videos we're especially proud of our level of creative execution

  • If you spend big $$ on shooting beautiful material you should expect dozens of versions. In house editing suites give us control of the end product and the budget

  • Some clients like to handle their own media placement. If you need help, we will plan, deploy and analyze your campaign on air and online

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