DRTV Lessons for Online Video

The goal of any DRTV spot is to get a response, a lead, or a sale.  After creating over 800 spots and videos there are some lessons and tactics that we know work.  So with online video – or Direct Response Video “DRV” – becoming a more powerful sales channel, what are the lessons that apply to this new DRV medium?

There are many but 7’s a nice number. So let’s say there are 7.

1) You need a great opening

On TV you have about 5-7 seconds before the viewer will remote control you away. Online you have less. So craft the first 3 seconds very carefully – and powerfully – to assure the viewer hangs on for at least another 10 seconds.

2) Make a promise or present a problem right away

If you have a compelling value proposition don’t hold back – serve it up immediately.  It could be in the form of an amazing promise or key benefit or it could be to present a problem that your product will solve. But cut to the chase.

3) Be clear it’s DRV

Indicate early on (like in the first 15 seconds) that this is a direct response spot and that you will be asking for an order. Tease the offer or make it right away if it’s impressive enough.

4) A bold offer

You want the viewer to watch this offer and think, “How can they make an offer like that and stay profitable?  That’s incredible.”

5) Demo the product, spectacularly

Take full advantage of the video medium and show off your product. If it’s a service and doesn’t move or squeak then have authentic, believable testimonials tell how it moves or squeaks brilliantly for them.

6) Be direct with your call to action

Ask for the order. And use only the essential action options (800#, click here, text there, QR Code this, Twitter that, etc).  Don’t overwhelm with too many options. It’s best to have one easy way to begin the ordering process: like a clickable banner that appears inside the frame of the spot starting the registration or ordering process.

7) Upsell

Once your buyer has started the ordering process, lead them through the gift shop so to speak. Tell them you’re grateful for their patronage and that here are 3 other widgets that will enhance their experience. GoDaddy is especially good at this. DRTV campaigns have become successful solely on the upselling that happens after the call comes in.  And don’t forget to test various upsell packages.

Wait, there’s more

These lessons and more from the DRTV trenches can be applied with profitable results to the emerging world of DRV. Other very important issues to remember when creating a DRV campaign is to include the SEO team in the creative and scripting process.  Keep your videos under 2 minutes. Build landing pages with one job: to convert that video watcher. Include video on your landing page. Call us to learn more!