Ask the DRTV Guru

Total DRTV enlightenment is available to all.  Of course, every awakening experience can be expedited with the right guru.

That’s where the DRTV Guru can offer some light. Each step in the development of a DRTV campaign raises questions. Like when is the best time to introduce the phone number … how long should it stay on … what offers work best … what type of creative gets the best response … etc.  And the anxiety level grows knowing one misstep – the wrong creative, a lame offer, poor telemarketing, a weak call to action –  can derail the process.  With lean budgets and management demand for ROI clarity, you have little room for error.

With over 30 years and 800 DRTV commercials under our karma tunics, we provide field-tested creative, offer insights, media placement and the all-important conversion/upsell guidance for every step in your journey. Ask a question right here below in the comments area … or hire us and ask questions directly non-stop.

P&L bliss awaits.

P.S.  This post “What I’ve learned from 30 years of DRTV” serves up tips, ideas and advice from 3 decades of creating the biggest DRTV campaigns in the business.  Sort of a DRTV FAQ.  You can start here if you’d like.

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