Beauty on a budget

The interview above was shot on the 5D with natural room light.

The Canon 5D is the camera you’d create for yourself if you could boss around a team of mechanical engineers and a factory.  If not, you can pick one up for 2500 at B&H or online at a variety of sites.  Like the new speedy processors and editing software, this camera is transforming our business. It has already been welcomed into the feature film world and is fast showing up on commercial shoots.  In the right hands, it delivers that elusive “film look” from a digital platform.

OK, the 2500 is just the first check you’ll write. You’ll need some high-quality lenses.  They can run from 1000 to 10000 and up.  The kit lens that comes with the camera is serviceable but to realize the full potential you need the good glass. And if you want to record sound you’ll need a professional audio kit. They also sell a shotgun mike that snaps onto the hot shoes that I hear delivers great quality sound for interviews that are relatively close to the lens.

The 5D is the professional big brother of the consumer grade Canon T2i ($700). The T2i has many of the 5D capabilities but lacks the full 35MM frame.  This full frame gives the 5D more data and, consequently, more power and flexibility in the post process.

The beauty from this beast graces the screen with elegant depth of field and artful lighting.  It’s capable of fooling even the best DPs and can certainly convince a TV viewer that he’s watching a high production value commercial from a respected brand. We used it on a Nestle shoot alongside a RED camera and the little 5D held its own.

It’s a game changer that is helping clients achieve beautiful video content and save production dollars at the same time.

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