Clever Mr Fox and fantastic words


Sitting between my 8-year-old twins at the delightful Fantastic Mr Fox movie gave me the chance to not only enjoy this magic fur-pet ride flanked by the target audience but I also discovered where all the talented writers were hiding when the disastrous disaster movie “2012” was written.  They were with Mr Anderson creating this gem.


The charm and dance of the script was evident from frame one.  The story asks you to consider your true nature and what happens when you attempt to deny/arrest your natural inclinations to retrofit you into someone or something you’re not.  To squeeze a square you into a round fox hole.

Certainly the true nature story has been told many times before, but never like this. “Real surreal” is the animation.  Each character is fascinating and quirky.  The pacing just right.  The voices pitch perfect.  And all of these wonderful features and elements owe their charmosity to the elegantly arranged words in the script. (

Advertising is communication.  Communication is delivered via sound (words, music and effects) and images (still and/or moving).  That’s it.  All elements are orchestrated by talented – or not so talented – artists including copywriters and designers, musicians and directors, even grips and video assist guys and plenty more.

But the band leader in this orchestra is the writer.  The power of the word can quickly move your ad from disastrous to clever in the flick of a key.

On the long list of line items that comes with creating an ad, creative is usually one of the least expensive. I’ve worked with Brand Managers who budget for a campaign by dropping $500K on the media test, $250K on the production costs and then hem and haw at $15K for the creative development costs.  Don’t hesitate: find and pay for great writing.  The return will be music to your ears.  (Full disclosure:  I’m a writer.)

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