Failure by Design – THIS JUST IN!

I posted the blog below in May … then yesterday (June 30) I was walking past “Pieters” when I watched workers carting off chairs and tables.  Seems “Pieters” went belly up.  Out of business.  I’m just sayin’ …

Bankrupted by design

Say you opened an Irish pub. On the Upper West Side of Manhattan. In a prime location near Lincoln Center. Would you call your Irish pub “Pieter’s?” Pieter’s. May as well call it Dieter’s. Hire bartenders who wear those Teutonic rectanglar shaped glasses and black turtlenecks.  Pieter’s, the Irish Pub? Com’on.

As the executive in charge of naming the business you wouldn’t do that would you? But Pieter’s the Irish pub has been at 67th and Columbus for nearly 25 years. Although, I never set foot in there because I didn’t know it was an Irish pub. Plus I had no interest in pigging out on Knockwurst while knoshing on Wittgenstein at “Pieter’s.”

Alas, I was mistaken.  And I’m blaming the graphics team at “Pieter’s.” You see, check out the picture of the pub above. Says “Pieter’s” right?  Hmmm … or does it say “Peter’s?” That tiny curly thing attached to the first “e” in Peter’s looks like an “i.” But it’s not.  It’s a random curly thing. For years I thought the curly thing was an “i.” And I dutifully avoided the place because, I mean, who gets together with friends from out of town and says, “Let’s go to that pretentious German pub around Lincoln Center.  You know, the one where the Sprockets hang out.” Nobody says that.

That little curly thing completely alters the perception of ones potential experience at Peter’s. 4 inches of errant paint. And that’s all it takes to torpedo your campaign. A massive spend on creative, media and fulfillment all brought to its knees by a ill-advised flick of the wrist.

Happens everyday. Be sure you have experienced pros protecting your Pieter.

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