The latest of our 847 DRTV spots

847 DRTV spots and counting.  There’s simply no one in the industry with this much experience, this much success.

30 years in direct marketing has trained us well for today’s video content marketing campaigns. We create TV spots that drive traffic to a landing page that we have designed and tested to maximize response and conversion.

800+ spots have taught us the 4 key elements that every piece of creative content must have to hit profitability. (Hint: SODA)  And just as important, we know what doesn’t work.

:60 and :120 spots. Full length half-hour infomercials. Corporate sales presentations. Landing pages to take orders and provide more info.

Nestle waters the marketplace for growth

Nestle is a classic direct marketer who knows that when their DRTV works as planned, all boats are lifted and float on pure natural spring water.

Welcome to 1800Accountant

Bling it on!

BlingWrap your fingers.  BlingDot your ears.  Life will be better.

Oreck’s New VersaVac

Oreck’s 2-in-1 machine is introducing something radical to the floor care world: a no-compromise cleaner that pulls dog hair and cheerios from the carpet and steams crayon and oatmeal from the hard floors. It’s Oreck’s first bagless vacuum in their bid to unseat industry interloper Dyson. This is a classic DR spot that leaves no best practices box unchecked.

Able Planet beats Bose!

Our pugnacious client Able Planet headphones took on the industry giant in a hearing test at the Consumer Electronics Show and blew them away. So of course we created a :30 spot to let the world know you have more than one choice for noise-reduction headphones.

Hey Culligan Man!

We created a series of spots for Culligan that alerted the consumer to Culligan’s many services beyond whole-house water softening. All shot in one long, efficient day.

Finally Fast

Recently, we created a simple DRTV spot that effectively uses actual customers. Navigating the testimonial waters is a delicate, FTC-monitored balance of truth and support for the truth. Here we worked hard and found a half dozen customers who had an authentic demeanor and a believable story to tell. Finally Fast dot com … remember the name.

Cyclone Rake