10 ways to use video in your marketing

The direct sell.

A TV commercial.  In :30, :60, :120 or long form.  The classic ‘ask for the order’ approach.  Still alive and well.  Broadcast it on air and/or post it on your site.  Drop it into your email program.  Embed it in your rich banner media.

Behind the scenes.

Show your audience what goes into making your product great by meeting the makers and movers of your unique offering while they work their magic.  Especially good for B2B.

Product demo.

Show it in action.  Simple, direct.  And with certain products, essential.


Nothing says it more convincingly than a credible, enthusiastic customer.

Instructional content.

Teach, inform, help, support … give something your audience can run with.


Recreate situations where your product is the hero.

Interactive Q&A.

Create an engaging clickable FAQ video … give the user the option to choose which video answer will help them most.

Live stream.

It’s an event you can promote – “Coming soon LIVE!” – and you can engage with your audience in real time.  They ask questions or offer suggestions … and you answer right then and there.  Then the VOD lives in forever … or until the play rate dies down.

Feed the social machine.

Shoot and cut dozens of short snackable videos to pump your social channels full of yummy treats.

User generated content.

Your audience – with their cell phone cameras and new 360 degree POVs – can create free content that you brand and post.