Surfkoder:Video Marketing Machine

Video is the marketing magic bullet. It works well to make a point, a sale or at a point of sale. Sales results and independent studies back this up as a quick Google of ‘video marketing’ will reveal. Video lifts conversion on LANDING PAGES.  It increases response in EMAIL. Embedded in DISPLAY ADS it triples the ROI.

Video is emotional. It can demo a product like no other medium. It can, literally, ask for an order. It can present a famous face as an endorser. It’s the Swiss army knife of response media.

So why isn’t everyone using it more actively? Video should be a staple of every communication program. I consider video clips to be marcomm building blocks, like  blocks of copy with better dance moves. If video can better tell the story than 3 paragraphs of copy, then shoot it. But the misperception is that it’s expensive. The province of Fortune 500s. Things have changed.

Production costs are way down. The new digital cameras finally deliver on the ‘film look.’ Post production costs are down. Color correction which used to cost 700 obscene dollars an hour is now done with sophisticated software in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost. Titles are animated quickly and spectacularly. Masters are finished and electronically uploaded to the stations.

Every link in the TV chain has gotten cheaper. Including easy access to the black box world of media buying.

In addition to buying time on cable and broadcast stations, placing media can now be done through online auction sites. Google TV is one of them (surprise). YouTube can be configured to sell product through instream advertising widgets. Flite is a new site that will embed your video into cool online display ads.  Facebook is running video ads.

Cheaply built, cheaply placed.

Which is why I’ve introduced a new service: it’s called “Surfkoder.”

Surfkoder helps you create a video marketing machine. Then we help you feed the machine.

We conceive, write, shoot and produce your video. Then we help you distribute it in all the right places. Broadcast or cable TV. Facebook and YouTube. Online display ads. Email. Landing pages.

Finally, we help you set up metrics that will reveal the ROI.

Surfkoder. Feed the marketing machine.