m3 team

DRTV and video scriptwriting.  Directing and production.  Post production. SEO and Social Media Marketing. Web design that engages your audience.  m3digital is your all-in-one solution to creating compelling content for every screen on which you communicate. Bring this talented, energetic group of professionals onto your team to drive sales … and prove it with metrics.

Jack Maley: Creative Director, Copywriter
12 years at Time Inc and Time Life as copywriter and Director of Advertising, 5 years at Saatchi and Saatchi as Creative Director, started M3 in 1995.  For Jack’s complete bio, click here.

Rebecca Bolde: Motion Graphics, SFX

Rebecca is the quintessential digital diva: a 3D-Motion Graphics-After Effects-Final Cut Pro designer who can, when necessary, go old school and actually draw. This School of Visual Arts grad has a sharp eye for detail and a gifted instinct for design that moves the viewer and communicates the message.  With roots in very rural Hudson Valley, she flinches at the term ‘diva’ but tolerates it as long as we don’t make any farm jokes. (How do you take a pig to the hospital?  In a hambulance.)

Gregor Patterson, HTML5, Flash programming, Mobile apps development

HTML5 programming and mobile apps development are Gregor’s specialities.  He’s an everyman-techie who can explain what’s going on with a piece of code and you actually understand what he’s saying.  Always on the cutting-edge of the next thing, Gregor’s a really-early adopter.  Oh, and he has ducks.

Lexie Kahanovitz, Copywriter
‘Ideas from beyond’ is what Lexie brings to the process.  Funny and quirky but always attention-grabbing and always on message.  In addition to working on yucks for Adult Swim guerilla creative artist Lexie has shot, produced and posted her surreal ideas on youtube (In the IKEA Bedroom … IKEA Office Anxiety).

Beth Klavir, Graphic Design
Beth’s love of design and ideation is evident throughout every part of her professional and personal life.  From her clean, compelling web designs to her eye-catching accoutrements, Beth combines strategy and simplicity for a powerful message.   Corporate logos and marks. Dazzling powerpoint presentations and packaging graphics. Microsites.  She’s a calm, inquisitive professional who’s a delight to work with … and wears some of the coolest clothes you’ve ever seen, mostly black.

Darren Ernest, SEO/Social Media
With the style, grace and intelligence that he brings to everything he pursues, Darren delivers social media marketing and web 2.0 marketing planning, SEO/SEM/2.0 campaign optimization, training, product development, and process integration.   He was Assistant Director of Search Engine Marketing at Neo@Ogilvy New York, the digital media arm of WPP’s Ogilvy & Mather, one of the largest global communication services companies.  Despite his youthful carriage, Darren has been helping clients maximize their website ROI for over 10 years which makes him an industry “old timer.”

Kris Brearton, Director of Photography
Kris’ talent behind the lens is evident in every shot he produces from shooting Kevin Bacon and Ed Norton for a elegant Sundance series to a hard-selling infomercial for Tigrent Inc. Adept with film, digital and the Red camera, Kris consistently delivers a beautiful picture and, at 6’4″, he can often just reach up to adjust the lights without waiting for a grip.  A real timesaver.

Mike Shane, Producer, 
Renaissance man
Mike – part high-end photographer, part production guy, part Staten Island good old boy – brings a “Yes I Can” attitude to everything he undertakes.  Creative, reliable, resourceful, he’s everything you want in a Producer.

Jon Baskin, Editor
One of the original digital editors on the Avid and Final Cut systems, Jon has perfected the edit process on major productions ranging from network shows, documentaries and promotions like Inside The NFL (winner of 2 Emmy Awards),  The Wire, The Sopranos, Big Love, Entourage, In Treatment, Six Feet Under, Rome, Deadwood, Sex And The City. He’s also cut commercials and web campaigns for Revlon, GM, Delta Airlines and Time Warner (winner of a Monitor Award).

John Wiggins, Sound, Music

Superstar mix artist (he didn’t write this!) who led HBO Studios’ audio department for 20+ years.  John has won Emmys (another just this year for HBO’s “24/7”) and many industry awards for his talent at the sound board. He loves scoring music and playing guitar in his band The Robinsons, escaping the city to his Long Island home and making anyone in his presence laugh until milk comes out their nose.