May 7, 2013

the work

We create, produce, distribute and analyze digital video and TV commercials. 

We create marketing content using video. Content that tells a story, that sells a story. Through online video and traditional commercials, live events and online response pages. And we do it at scale and at budget-friendly  rates.

Marketers trying to keep fresh content in their social channels need ‘infinite production.’  We have a workflow that feeds the social channels with a on-message flow of video content.

Video content ideas for your marketing channels

A series of engaging, educational video interviews
A short documentary that tells your brand’s story
A quick online education course to share your expertise with your clients
A series of video presentations that position you as an industry thought leader
Classic broadcast DRTV spots
Live stream a company event, made to look like a TV show

1000s of videos delivered successfully

Having delivered thousands of videos, commercials and corporate events combined with accomplished technical resources, we can deliver a steady, on-message stream of marketing content at scale and at low cost.