December 8, 2015

team m3

Jack Maley, Exec Producer

Practically on day 1 of the online marketing revolution in the 90′s (when Steve Case sat in on meetings discussing direct mail packages), Jack started M3. We created advertising for Tupperware, America Online, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Wells Fargo and more. Starting in 1997 – and for 10 years – we launched a new fangled device called a ‘cable modem’ (a persistent connection … waaa?!) for Road Runner High Speed Online and Time Warner Cable. We also scored subscribers and eyeballs for Rodale, several Conde Nast titles,, Intuit software and more.

Over the years he has written and produced over 900 long and short-form commercials, helped launch some of the world’s most popular web sites and signed up millions of people for magazine subscriptions, book and videos series, investment accounts, cable TV subscriptions and more.

Jack received a BA from Dickinson College and is a lifelong Eagles and Phillies fan despite 30 years in NYC. He’s also an Instrument Rated pilot who’s not too proud to let the autopilot fly the airplane.

Jim Hohl, Digital Media

Jim excels in helping small growing businesses leverage the power of digital marketing to generate leads, add clients and increase revenue.

Specialties: Digital marketing, customer acquisition, conversion optimization, marketing automation, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), Google Analytics, video marketing, Marketo, Salesforce, Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, Zapier, WordPress.

Previously co-founder, CTO and COO of Vidaao, a marketplace for custom video production and animation services.

Jim enjoys a long term involvement with Toastmasters, formerly serving as VP of Education of Pride Toastmasters and Area Governor for District 46. I occasionally perform with the New York improv school, Improvolution. I am a graduate of Momentum Education’s Leadership training program (LT59) and Landmark SELP (April 2015).

Kris Brearton, Director of Photography

Beautiful photography, brilliant lighting and total knowledge of camera tech makes Kris the perfect DP on major productions or run-and-gun interviews. And at 6’4″ he can adjust the overhead lighting grid on the fly.  Which is really useful.

Mike D’Asto, Audio Engineer

Owner of 100,000 bees and the best ear for audio integrity, Mike is gifted with sharp technical instincts and a sense of style for what makes a production sound as good as Kris makes it look.  And if you disagree with him, you risk waking up covered in honey, your rear window open and a cloud of bees hovering over your bed.  Not really, he wouldn’t do that.  He wouldn’t.

Rebecca Bolde, Graphic Design

A graduate of the brilliant School for the Visual Arts in New York City, Rebecca brings cutting-edge technical skills and an elegant sense of design to every project. She curates the messaging for every brand with beautifully timed motion graphics titles, in-depth knowledge of frame layout and a fresh, style relevant to that particular market. She is also a singer, songwriter, painter and overall shining light.

Mike Shane, Producer

Known as, pound-for-pound, the strongest man in Silicon Alley, Mike’s physical strength reflects the resilience and meticulous planning that he brings to each assignment. Get it done, on time and on budget, while maintaining high production quality. This drives his creative decision making. He’s also the Swiss Army Knife of production people as he’s also an accomplished photographer, grip, PA, lighting and set designer.