The $25,000 ‘You Won’t Get Fired’ DRTV Budget

The recession has hacked revenue and consequently ad budgets. You don’t want to stop advertising as you know that starts a vicious downward spiral.  You also know DRTV air time has never been cheaper and more efficient and that you should  take advantage of this situation.

You, like many other marketing execs, may be under the illusion that producing good-looking, “don’t get me fired” DRTV spots start at $60K and up.

Well, they sort of do but there are ways to create an effective spot, get orders, promote your brand and keep your dignity and your job.

It’s the $25K solution.  Here’s how to spend $25K wisely.

  • First, hire people who have done over 800 DRTV spots and have an office at 1123 Broadway, let’s call them “m3digital”:  $5,000
  • Second, pick up footage your branding agency overcharged you to shoot and give it to m3digital.
  • Third, shoot a spokesman/woman against green screen with the new RED Camera system: $10,000
  • Fourth, edit the spokesperson footage together with the brand agency’s overpriced footage:$7,500
  • Fifth and final step, master your shiny new :60 DRTV spot and conduct a 2-week test: $2,500

TOTAL: $25,000

Call now, 1 212 366 6123.  That’s 1 212 366 6123

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