Social B2B and the 4Cs

The new marketing and the 4 C’s.

Simplifying things down to their bare essentials helps to clarify.  Simplify to clarify.   Like SODA.  It’s an acronym I use to stress the 4 essentials of a compelling direct marketing TV spot.  The first “S” – a story, every spot needs one.  “O” is for offer, pretty obvious in the DR biz.  “D” is for demo.  It’s television, show it in action.  And if you’re selling a service, demo it through people.  And finally “A” is for the mandatory call to Action.

As today’s marketing tactics evolve from the push advertising of old to pull (with a little push), social networks and their style of communication has become the way.   So instead of creating spots and blasting them through the airwaves at an unsuspecting and elusive marketplace, we’re now creating microsites around topics and issues.  Here is where your customers are meeting to get and share information with like-minded consumers/people.

So I’ve got another acronym to ease my porous cranial filing system:  CCCC.  Create content connect consumer.

Exhibit A:


We have just completed such a microsite for a client.  They sell supply chain software against ERP behemoths like SAP and Oracle, among others.  The challenge is to get the attention of a time-pressed target audience which, because of the scope of an installation, can range from the lowest-level IT guy to the CEO.  We also need to communicate a clear message:  that it can be a long, painful process when you invite the ERPs of the world into your house.

So we created an absurd Institute called the Best of Breed Institute.  Or BOBI.  The BOBI is staffed by lunatic-fringe researchers who study ERP clients to see just how ERPs have been able to hold and enslave their customers despite massive cost and scheduling overruns.

At the BOBI microsite we regularly post new “experiments” where the researchers poke and prod these ERP clients in hopes of unveiling the secret to how ERPs enslave them and unlock their budgets.

The ultimate goal for this client is to have the visitor download a series of white papers.  And since going live with this site in early November they are seeing a 5-fold increase in visits and downloads.  Not bad.

The brilliant targeting tactic here is that the content is something that appeals to the new IT wonk and the mature CEO alike.  No need to fight through the gate-keeper to get to the power brokers – theircolleagues actually do that job for us by passing it around with a “You’ve got to see this” note attached.

Of course, unless it’s well-executed, it could back fire.  But at the BOBI, so far, so good.

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