The open secret to a brilliant TV commercial

[dewtube:, 320, 240]

Your TV spot has 3 seconds to grab the viewer.  If it doesn’t, you’ve got another 57 seconds of dead air time on your hands.  A very expensive perishable item. I’ve edited together a series of great opening stanzas from some of the best music ever scribbled on staff paper.  Bowie, Beethoven, The Beatles, Coldplay, and more are opening their secret to success to you: a badass opening. On your next spot, pay close attention to the opening. That’s all you’ve got, really. Lose ’em at the start, game over. Don’t save your brilliance for later. Come roaring out of the gate at frame 1.

By the time you’ve started to create your storyboard you have already picked your “key benefit lane.” Get in that lane immediately. Open your spot making whatever point you and your marketing team have determined will be the critical factor influencing purchase behavior. And like a digital pitbull, don’t let go.  Ride that point to the ordering finishing line.

Then you’ve done your job. If your spot doesn’t work after that – either your marketing strategy was written by the client’s husband, your offer is lame, the media was misplaced or the product is a dog. Or a combination of the above

But it wasn’t your creative.

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