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I was working at the Time Inc Corporate Circulation division as a copywriter. It was 1980.  I was in the lobby of the Time Life Building waiting for a lunch date and wearing a suit that, today, will get you 2-4 years in the fashion big house. Dick Munro, the new president of Time Inc exited the elevator bank with my lunch date, Bob Fisler. Bob introduced me to Dick.  As a rookie Time Incer, this was monumental. Dick Munro! My career was sure to take off. Bob said, “Dick, this is Jack Maley, just joined us in Corp Circ.” (the division responsible for magazine subscription marketing). Dick looked at me and my lapels and said, “Corp Circ?” Thought for a moment, realized what we did, smiled and yelled, “Yours Free!” And left.

That’s what we do. We serve up “Yours Free!”

Offer is king, as we in the biz regularly remind clients. Clever creative gets attention. Precision media taps the right buyer on the shoulder. But the closer in this equation is the offer. Which is a fact today’s enthusiastic digital marketers must keep close to the keyboard.

The explosion of internet marketing will continue to deliver tremendous profits for nimble, savvy companies. The real potential lies in merging today’s tech power with the proven methodology of direct marketing.

Digital marketing is really direct marketing in hipper clothes. Zippy analytics tools and micro-targeting will yield exponential results when the basics of direct are at the foundation of your digital program.

Basics like product exclusivity (even a slight tweak will help), urgency and deadlines, ease of response, clarity of offer, testing offers and creative, copywriting that knows which words compel the reader to respond, free gifts (more relevant the better), “only available here and now” bonuses, and testing offers and creative and, after the test results are read, test some more.

Of course, the “basics” of this marketing discipline can fill volumes.  Which is why you need to be supported by a team experienced in this fine art.

Direct marketing experience + digital delivery and precision = happy P&L.

Couldn’t be more direct.

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