Why TV/Video Should Drive All Channels

30 years of direct marketing test results have conclusively taught me the power of TV (and now online video) to move product on its own and to drive sales in every other channel. My experience is that TV and video need to be at the center of your marketing programs. Not social. Not display. Not PPC. TV and/or Video. And here’s why.

First, the shift in consuming content has made video the new copy. Visitors are reading as much as they are watching. Video = copy.

As for persuasiveness, TV and online video have the power to move people in large numbers and with great efficiency. Move them emotionally. Move them to order your product or service online or by phone. Move them to drive to the store and pick it up.

Online video is posting mind-numbing viewership numbers. I understand that nearly 60% of all data is deemed to be video. Faster networks and smarter phones and tablets put video into the hands of everyone, all the time.


At Time Life we saw year after year TV not only deliver profitable business and add millions of fresh names to the database but it undoubtably lifted direct mail, print, and telemarketing results.

With Pedigree Puppy food we tested this in a matched market test running TV in 3 markets and no TV in 3 similar markets. As expected all channels including search, retail and direct mail delivered better results in the markets where the message about their Puppy program was being sold with video of cute puppies on wobbly legs jumping on, kissing and licking their owners.  Only video can do this.


Now with the ability to embed search insights into all your video it’s even more precise and powerful.  The question, of course, is how much TV do you run and at what cost. That’s what direct marketers do well – test your TV in a well-planned and executed matched market test. The matched market test will give you the answer to the always elusive question.

Video can – and should be – embedded in display ads. In email. On websites. On landing pages. In social media. At point of sale at retail.  At the heart of a search program. And on TV.

In addition, with production costs way down every marketer can tap this tremendous power.


If your marketing program was a football team, TV/Video would be the quarterback. The head coach would be e-commerce. The front office would be retail. The offensive line, direct mail, print and inserts. The defensive line your hard-charging sales team. The D-backs would be radio and outdoor. The running back and wideouts would be social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and dozens more.

And with a talented QB in charge, the whole operation runs better. TV and Online Video will lead the way.

Now you just need to find a group to put all this together for you.  Click here.